For the past 30 years, the most watched television broadcast in the nation has been the Super Bowl, the championship game of the National Football League. With an average audience of over 114 million people, the Super Bowl is as known for the final matchup between the league’s two conference champions, as it is for its pre-game events and half-time ceremonies, usually featuring some of the world’s most popular artists and musicians.

Due to its amazingly high viewership and reach with demographics of all ages, the Super Bowl is also an event that garners millions of dollars in the form of sponsorships and commercial advertisements. For those watching who are not avid football fans, the commercials have in recent years become as popular as the game itself due to their creative and capricious messaging behind their products.

However, what many may find interesting about the Super Bowl, which is also true of most nationally broadcasted football games, is that there is in fact very little football actually being played. During its nearly 3-hour long broadcast, approximately one hour of the Super Bowl is taken up by commercials. Another 75-80 minutes is spent on players grouped together in huddles mulling over the next play. Aside from the time taken up by players getting up off the field in between each snap, referees explaining penalties, and the occasional replay or random shot of a cheerleader on the sidelines, it may be astonishing to discover that the average time the ball is in actually play is just 11 minutes.

A 3-hour event.
Yet only an 11 minute game.

As believers, there are times when much like the Super Bowl, a great deal of our attention is given to things and people that have very little to do with what is actually happening on the playing field of our own lives. Despite how exciting the hobby or enticing the invitation, there will always be activities and events that can take up the limited amount of time God has given us to fulfill our purpose.

When writing to the believers living in Ephesus, whom he also believed were some of the most faithful and productive he had ever encountered, the Apostle Paul wrote these words:

“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” – Ephesians 5:15

Whether it is the first few minutes of every morning, or during our weekends away from work, it is important that we examine whether or not the time God has given us is being spent on things and people that can bring about something productive in return. The more time we casually spend, the less we have to invest in the decisions and plays that can move us closer and closer to our desired goals.

This year, while some may seek to simply live an eventful life, be sure yours is one that is positioned to win.

Making The Most Of Time

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